How to protect fishing rods

2023-11-01 16:42

After purchasing a satisfactory fishing rod, it is natural to match the fishing line. Many fishing friends are afraid of running fish when the line is broken, so they try to buy thicker fishing lines. However, they don't know that the fishing rod has a certain bearing capacity. If the pulling force of the fishing line greatly exceeds the bearing capacity of the fishing rod, it is very easy to cause running fish when the line is broken. Therefore, blind wiring is not allowed. It is necessary to consult the optimal wire number (main line, sub line) and the range not to exceed for assembly.

During the fishing process, it is inevitable that some hooks may hang from the bottom. When encountering this situation, do not use force to lift upwards, as it can easily cause the rod to break. Instead, lay the rod flat so that the rod, line, and hook form a straight line. Hold the rod in your hand and slowly move back until you pull out foreign objects from the bottom of the river. At most, you can break the line without damaging the rod.

At the end of fishing, the rod should be pulled back in the opposite order as it was pulled out. If not noticed, it is easy for the first few sections to automatically slide down to the front port of a certain section, just against the second to last section that has not yet been pulled back. Many fishing friends think that the second to last section is too tight to retract, so they forcefully hit the rod to the ground, resulting in these two sections tearing apart like bamboo poles, causing unnecessary losses.

There is also a situation where the rod slides down slightly and then retracts a few later sections, resulting in slight misalignment and drilling into the interlayer of the latter two sections, which can also cause damage to the fishing rod.

According to statistics, the two types of situations that occur during fishing rod harvesting are the main causes of rod damage, accounting for more than half of the proportion of rod damage. Sometimes these situations occur before buying a good fishing rod or appreciating it at home. Those who are not familiar with the situation often criticize the poor quality of the fishing rod, but overlook their own incorrect procedures for receiving the rod. If encountering situations where the first few sections slide in first, the rod mouth can be tilted downwards, the first few sections can be pulled out, and then retracted one by one.