How to choose fake bait for sea fishing

2023-11-01 16:43

When fishing in the sea, using fake bait to catch fierce sea fish has unique advantages and fishing fun. At fishing points such as breakwaters, sloping reefs, and rocky edges, we need to use the method of dragging fake bait horizontally to avoid hanging the bottom, and should choose shallow submerged floating routes. Change the rhythm by pulling on the water surface to lure the target fish into the bait.

For fishing points in deep fields or on reefs or reefs that are exposed to the water, choose a large tongue shaped deep diving float bait.

The characteristic of suspended bait is that it can float at any depth in the water. By using this feature, we can use the dragging technique to search for the target fish layer by layer in the water. At this time, the bait simulates injured and dying small bait fish due to the manipulation to lure the target fish to the bait.

When the wind is strong and the tide is high, fake bait with high self weight and fast sinking speed should be used to facilitate long-distance casting and quickly reach the target fishing layer. When positioning the bottom fish as the target fish, we prefer submerged bait such as lead hooks or iron sequins, but we should pay attention to preventing the bait from hanging from the bottom.