Rods with different hardness are suitable for different scenarios

2023-11-01 16:44

A soft tone

Rich flexibility; The rod is slender and lightweight; Feeling good after catching fish; Especially suitable for catching small fish; A fishing rod that can easily exert elastic tension to throw fish balls. When catching fish, slowly pull the fish into the warning line. But when encountering larger fish, it is very unfavorable, especially for beginners, it is difficult to control the fish.

The tone of the medium

Moderate regulation, suitable for various fishing areas and methods; When a fish swallows bait, the front and tip of the fishing rod react sensitively; A gentle feeling. However, due to the lower elasticity of the soft tuning rod compared to the soft tuning rod, it is more difficult to grip the rod and cast the fishing group, especially in windy conditions.

A difficult tone

Suitable for use in aquatic plants and debris on the water surface, fishing methods such as long poles, short lines, and hanging lines can be used; Suitable for competitive fishing; Lead fish in and guard quickly; More suitable for catching big fish. But it should be noted that the hard adjustment rod is too hard, and when catching a big fish, the rod needs to be lifted with tricky force. If the rod is lifted too hard, it can easily break the rod.

Of course, the standard for tuning is not unique. Different brands of fishing rods use different carbon materials, and of course, there are significant differences in the performance of fishing rods in tuning and other aspects.